LPG price in March 2023 decrease 16,000 Vnd/Cyl 12kg vs February 2023's price
LPG prices of Phoenix, Vimexco Gas, Petrol, VT Gas, Pacific, Siamgas and other brands... decreased by 1.333 VND/kg, equivalent to 16.000 VND/12 kg cylinder compared to February 2023. 
- End user of Gia Đinh Gas is 509.000 VND/12kg cylinder
- End user of Phoenix Gas is 489.500 VND/12kg cylinder
- End user of Siam Gas, Super Gas is 497.000 VND/12kg cylinder
- End user of Pacific Gas is 494.500 VND/12kg cylinder

Morning on 1st March 2023, LPG companies in Ho Chi Minh City & some provinces in the south have informed the LPG selling price in March 2023 decreases 1.333 Vnd/Kg equal to 16.000 Vnd/Cyl 12kg vs Feb 2023's price.
The new selling price will apply at 7h30 on 1st March 2023, the end-user price is 500,000 vnd/12kg cylinder.
According to LPG companies, the reason is CP in March 2023 as 730.00 Usd/Mt  decreased 60,00 Usd/Mt vs Feb 2023's price. (If you need any further information, pleased contact Mr. Trung 09 7777 0740)
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